The way we work is different to many teaching coaches, psychologists and counsellors.

We work as an interdisciplinary team. 

You get two experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience working with you simultaneously.

We both hold Masters degrees in our respective fields and regularly update our professional knowledge. As a psychologist, Anna has spent many thousands of hours of working with clients in a range of settings and extensive knowledge of strategies.

As a teacher of many thousands of lessons, Tomaz has extensive insight into the physical, cognitive and emotional demands of teaching in a variety of schools and university.

Together, we complement each others' and your own expertise to support you in finding what, how and why it works and may work for you.

We use a unique model to understanding what constitutes (good) teaching.

Teaching is an amalgam of knowing what to teach  or content knowledge, and teaching strategies or pedagogical knowledge (Shulman, 1986). However, mounting research points to the importance of another form of essential type of knowledge in the process of teaching - relational knowledge. This is the knowledge of relationships, of ever dynamic working alliances between teacher and student.

You could be a content expert and pedagogical wizard, but if for example the students don't trust or have difficulties relating to each other, the outcomes for all concerned will suffer. Equally, you can be a warm, relatable, highly attuned to student needs but if you have no idea of the content or ways of teaching, students will hardly benefit from your work.

We have created the PCRK model to make it clear that the bulk of our work is in the area of relational knowledge, while acknowledging the importance of content and pedagogical knowledge.

For more on the PCRK model and supporting evidence see our PCRK page.